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  1. Top right hand corner - Turn editing on.

  2. Under each topic - Add an activity or resource.

  3. Select Quiz

Important tabs


Select to have one question per page.

Question behaviour

This allows you to select ‘Immediate feedback’ where the student can find out whether an answer is correct straight away rather than at the end of the whole quiz.

Review Options

If you selected immediate feedback then here you can specify what type of feedback the student gets during the attempt.

Next steps

  1. Select save and display.

  2. Edit quiz.

  3. On the very right hand side of the page: Add -> + a new question. You then a reasonable selection.

  4. The question name is for your pupose only to recognize the question in a list.

  5. The question text is the actual question.

For multiple choice

There are four types of feedback.

  1. General feedback for the question as a whole. A kind of summary.

  2. Feedback for each possible choice, eg. Incorrect, you appear to have used the wrong wavelength.

  3. Combined feedback. This is given after every ‘attempt’ of answering this mutiple choice question to let the student know how they are doing.

  4. Hint. These are specific hints for when the student answers the question incorrectly and could have another try.