Use OBS to record yourself presenting

We recommend Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) as a great way to record yourself giving a presentation or lecture. It has more flexibility and results in a higher quality video than simply recording your screen on zoom/skype. It is easy to install and much easier to use than any video editing software.

Download OBS

Installation Instructions Executable file
Windows .exe file
Mac .dmg file
Linux -

OBS on github:

Trouble shooting

Mac: Check that OBS has the permission to capture window content.

Windows: If you are unable to to see certain windows in OBS, see below.

Live Annotations

If you want to annotate your slides or have a ‘blackboard’, you can use a writing tablet.

  1. Connect your tablet to your laptop/computer.
  2. Open your preferred note taking app (e.g. OneNote).
  3. Use a window grab to include it in your OBS recording.

Mac: If you want to use your ipad screen watch the next couple of minutes of the following tutorial:

  • OneNote (Microsoft product that also works on Mac)
  • Cherrytree (open source for Linux and Windows)
  • GoodNotes (Mac product)
  • Explain Everything Whiteboard

You could also use programs like:

  • Auto-desk sketchbook
  • Gimp
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • Paint
  • Krita

How OBS is useful

You can also view this video on the PaN e-Learning platfrom