All our docker images are based on the Jupyter base-notebook from docker stacks. If you look at their dockerfile, you can see they start from the ubuntu:focal image and install Miniforge.

We currently have three docker images in use on the e-Learning platform. We are in the process of updating these and adding new ones.

What our images currently include

As well as the usual modules that come with Miniforge all our images build from panbasic include the following packages:

  • h5py
  • ipympl
  • ipython
  • ipywidgets
  • jupyterlab
  • jupyterlab_widgets
  • jupyter_contrib_nbextensions
  • matplotlib-base
  • mkl

  • nodejs
  • python-confluent-kafka
  • pythreejs
  • voila
  • bqplot
  • ipyvolume
  • scikit-learn
  • nglview
  • silx

  • We also include nbgitpuller along with other Nbextensions.

    Here are the containers we are currently using:

    Docker Hub dockerfile specific applications installed  
    dstdmsc/crispy link Crispy  
    dstdmsc/dram link scipp McStas McXtrace McStasscript  
    easydiffraction link easydiffraction not currently operational  
    mccode/mcstas-2.7.1-3.1-scipp link McStas scipp  
    dstdmsc/oasys link OASYS  
    dstdmsc/panbasic link see above list  
    dstdmsc/pyglotaran link pyglotaran  
    dstdmsc/sasview link SasView  
    dstdmsc/scipp link scipp scippneutron  
    dstdmsc/simex link SimEx